Trees stretched their roots into deep soil, eventually become forests and give us the blessing over the centuries.
STANDAGE company likes such trees, will stretch its roots for decades and hundreds of years, and will create a business to support the people of the world.
We always go forward, and accept the challenge at early time and continue to grow faster than anyone else.


Block chain, development of next generation infrastructure based on AI technology.



Overwhelming worldwide challenge company.
A company that turn the future into reality.


– We are a worldwide challenge enterprise and bring surprise and confidence to the world.
– Employees are sincerely looking forward to working, and continue to grow than yesterday.
– We respect the autonomy and creativity of all employees and value our customers sincerely.

Mission Statement

【Challenge without border】

We will continue to challenge the business that makes the world better.
Overwhelming rather than the mundane challenge.
Think of it is a chance if you be laughed at the stupid from around!

【Three parties win 】

Seller win, buyer win and public win.
Without pursuing our own interests only,create the businesses that make all stakeholders happy.

【Go forward the light speed world】

For the business world, fast move will bring win. Take first step with courage.
Faster than anyone, go forward at first.

【Enjoy adversity】

Challenge hard work boldly, and be tolerant to the failure. Always forward while falling.
We do what only we can do.

【God of business is in the details】

Behind the overwhelming challenge is overwhelming analysis.
Without compromise as a professional, do the best preparation and simulation.


Respect the team. Share the aim with the team and do solidarity to succeeded a large business.
Make the wheel bigger and bigger.
Defeated by enemy is third-level, winner against enemy is second-level, make friend with enemy is first-level.

【Colleagues are the important person】

Employees are the property of STANDAGE company. Do not forget you are the important person and your colleagues are also the important person.
A place where employees can grow, laugh, enjoy and realize their dreams. That is STANDAGE company.

Message from the President

Thank you very much for visiting the homepage of STANDAGE company.

STANDAGE company is a professional group that challenges the across national border and creates new business.

More and more innovative ideas and new technologies are coming day by day.
Incorporate the ideals by engineers who draw through their ideas into the business is our mission.

What we will realize is “make a big change to the world business by Fintech.”

The virtual currency is no longer virtual thing, it becomes the business infrastructure.

And realize this faster than anyone else.

For example, while performing the trade business that exports medical equipment and industrial machinery to Africa, we are building the trade infrastructure service using smart contract of lock chain.

The perspective with both practical trade business and Fintech is becoming our strength.

How to create a business that will change the future five years?
We aim to become a comprehensive company that supports Fintech business, and are investing and expanding our business.

CEO Akinori Adachi

Company Profile

Established March 7, 2017
Representative CEO Akinori Adachi
Address Head Office:Shiba NA Bld 4F ,No.3-6-10 Minato – ku, Tokyo 105-0014,Japan
Nigeria Office:47B,Ajose Street,Mende,Maryland,Lagos,Nigeria
TEL 03-6435-3371
FAX 03-6435-3372
Business Block chain, development of next generation infrastructure based on AI technology.
Management of block chain engineer school、OEM
Marketing of Fintech market
Export business to Africa
Support for overseas development

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