The official website of the “Logi-Lab,” which is challenging the innovation of the trade industry with advanced technology, has been released.

The official website of the “Logistics Lab(Logi-Lab)”, established by STANDAGE Corporation, Sankyu Corporation, and LOZI Corporation, has been released.
The Logi-Lab is a joint research organization that aims to research and develop the use of advanced technology in the trade logistics industry.

Logi-Lab’s daily activities, demonstration experiment reports, event information, and more can be found on the official LogiLab website!

Logi-labo invites participation from companies that share the same vision.
We aim to contribute to the industry through regular discussions and accelerated research and development.

🔽Logi-Lab official website

【Contact Us】
4F Shiba NA Building, 3-6-10, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 105-0014
CEO: Akinori Adachi
COO: Kenta Omori
E-mail: [email protected]