Fintech service development

Based on innovative block chain technology, we are developing a platform service for new practical transaction.
The SHAKE HANDS CONTRACT service is an innovative platform that enables trading parties to conduct transaction more assured, safely and conveniently from international trade to small transaction between individuals, and makes the shape of trading for next generation.

Mining business

Transaction backbone that uses block chains becomes the mining work.
STANDAGE company will contribute to the popularization of block chain network,and develops mining business actively.
We sale the most advanced mining machine that produced by our company,at the same time, in order to make the mining more popular in Japan, we set up our own factory in Japan and are working on unification from production, sale to management of the most advanced mining machine.

Engineer training

Block chain technology causes a great revolution to the existing finance way, and is attracting the attention of government and enterprises all over the world, so based on the new block chain technology new services appear every day. On the other hand, the problem of the spread for excellent block chain technology and the shortage of the block chain engineers are revealed.
STANDAGE company sets forth the goal of making Japan as the world’s largest block chain technology country, and is vigorously working to develop the education of block chain engineer.
Partnered with the practical human resource development company, and based on the unique curriculum that can complete the training of the block chain engineer in a short period, we are developing the training by face to face guidance. In addition, we invite engineers that come from overseas famous block chain development companies as lecturers and are striving to introduce the latest technology and idea.

Community management

There are many people who are considering cryptocurrency as a target of speculation. It is very important for such people how to get the right information. However, for more information that comes from all over the world, it is very difficult to pick out the right information.
In particular, the financial literacy of Japan is listed 6th in 7 developed countries (according to S & P 2015),it is very low level. In order to lead the world in the field of block chain technology by Japan from now, it is necessary to improve information literacy.
STANDAGE company uses the unique information network and analysis to operate a community that can deliver reliable and correct information.
We also hold regular monthly free seminars, and hope more people will deepen their understanding of block chains and cryptocurrency through the seminars.

Management of exchanges

Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Europe and the United States … more and more counties and regions begin to pay attention to the block chains and Cryptocurrency. However, the world is wide, when we look around, found although the transaction amount of Cryptocurrency is listed TOP 5, and there are countries where trading environments are not in place at all, that is Africa.
For example, in April 2018, for the transaction volume of Bitcoin, China is the No.1 and Nigeria is No. 2. However, although there are many exchanges in China, there is no exchange with solid service in Nigeria.
In order to promote the development of the wonderful block chain technology and cryptocurrency in African continent, STANDAGE company established the branch in Nigeria and operates the cryptocurrency exchange from Nigeria to others counties.

Trade business

The SSTANDAGE Group is vigorously working on the trade business of the African continent through 4 STONES Corporation.
From the establishment of local branch company, we have known clearly that people in Africa need Japanese technology and products.
We will deliver wonderful, innovative technologies and products from Japan to companies and people in Africa, and contribute to the development of the African economy.

Real estate business

Management of the guest house
Planning, management and consulting of guest house for foreign tourist. Management of the share-house.
Japanese government has the goal of foreign tourist to 40 million in 2020, and 60 million in 2030, in 2020 20 million is doubled than now
The number of foreign tourist that visited Japan in 2016 has exceed 24 million and the demand of guest house that is called Airbnb for foreigners is expected to grow.

In March 10, 2016 by a Cabinet meeting, the government also decided to legalize the Airbnb by new Airbnb law, and it is moving toward establish the law at the regular Congress meeting in 2017.
Our company not only manages the legal and comfortable guest house for increasing tourist so that their can stay in Japan comfortably, but also develops the sales service for tourist by making use the trading function of our company.