Our service

Based on innovative blockchain technology, we are developing a platform service for new practical transaction.
The SHAKE HANDS CONTRACT service (SHC) is an innovative platform that enables trading parties to conduct transaction more assured, safely and conveniently from international trade to small transaction between individuals, and makes the shape of trading for next generation.

SHC can settle the following problem of trade.

Complicated operations for using escrow
✓Worsening financial condition caused by SMEs engaging in international trade
✓Opaque flow of international remittances
✓Decentralization of management of payment information and physical distribution information

Features of SHC Escrow

By utilizing blockchain technology, we can realize simple, safe and highly transparent escrow service.
① Supports multicurrency (BTC, USDC, ETH, ERC20 tokens etc.)
② Supports refunds, installments and payee changes etc, even after consensus building
③ High security is achieved by deciding the condition change by majority decision (more than two thirds)

The Future STANDAGE Inc. realizes

Through the development of SHC services, we contribute to the spread of blockchain technology and become an indispensable trading and payment platformer for businesses conducted in emerging countries such as Africa and Latin America.

Trade business

The STANDAGE Group is vigorously working on the trade business of the African continent through the STANDAGE Nigeria officce.
From the establishment of local branch company, we have known clearly that people in Africa need Japanese technology and products.
We will deliver wonderful, innovative technologies and products from Japan to companies and people in Africa, and contribute to the development of the African economy.