We were interviewed by the Monthly magazine “MATERIAL FLOW”!

“Shake Hands Contract” (SHC) has been published in the “MATERIAL FLOW” June issue (Published by Distribution research corporation).
This magazine presents the activities and trends of companies in the logistics industry.

The special issue of the June issue is “Digital Logistics”.
STANDAGE Inc. has been featured as a start-up company that aims to create a future market targeting Africa with trade payment platform using blockchain technology.

Why blockchain technology?
Why use cryptocurrency?
How does the flow of traditional trade change by utilizing them?
Mr. Adachi, the CEO of STANDAGE Inc., talks about problem solving with using SHC and future prospect.

If you are interested, please do have a look.

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4F Shiba NA Building, 3-6-10, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 105-0014
CEO: Akinori Adachi
COO: Kenta Omori
E-mail: info@standage.org