SHC Progress Report

Since the SHC demonstration experiments that began in April, we have repeated tests and have made improvements.
Well, the test below which is the feature of SHC service has been finished.

1.Installment Payments
Confirmed that multiple multisig transactions can be pre-created for installment payments.

2.Transaction Amount Change
Confirmed that the seller / buyer’s passphrase can re-create the transaction that changed the transaction amount.

These two functions allow you to change the agreement on remittance timing and quantity, which was difficult with conventional remittance systems.
It can respond to various contingencies (Refund after consensus formation, installment remittance, change of payment time, etc.) that occur in real transactions and is easy to use in real business.

These functions appliy multi-signature technology, and the service administrator STANDAGE itself can’t be compromised.
It is very transparent and practical.

SHC will have a formal version launch next month.
Please look forward to.


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