Business Trip Report to Nigeria

Mr.Omori,COO of STANDAGE Inc., went to Nigeria on a business trip.

The purpose of the business trip is to meet the local staff in the Nigeria office and to observe the life of local people in Nigeria.

SHC services target Africa.
Standage Inc. has a branch office in Nigeria and is a business hub in Africa.

The SHC service uses cryptocurrency for payment, so it’s very suitable for business in Nigeria where the home currency is less stable than cryptocurrency.

According to the Google search trend, the number of searches for “Bitcoin” from June 29 to July 1, 2019 has been high for the first time in a year and a half.

By region,
1st : The city of Sao Jose dos Campos in Brazil
2nd : Casassis do Sul city of Brazil
3rd : Benin city in Nigeria

People in Nigeria are very interested in Bitcoin.

The staff in Nigeria office praised that SHC would be very useful.
We felt the potential of SHC.

It’s only a few weeks before the official version of the service starts.
Please wait for a while!

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