We joined “Blockchain Collaborative Consortium”

We joined “Blockchain Collaborative Consortium” (BCCC) in December 5, 2019 .

BCCC is the organization that promoting blockchain technology.

They are promoting the spread of blockchain related businesses.
For example, obtain the latest information and basic knowledge of blockchain, nurturing of engineers, network formation and conduct demonstration experiments and implementation.

Blockchain is being considered for adoption outside of the financial industry.

They also focus on launching new subcommittees to expand the use of blockchain technology, new projects and coordination with other organizations to expand the use of blockchain technology.

They aim to implement blockchain in a wide range of industries.

We will exchange information with everyone involved in the blockchain through BCCC to deepen our knowledge of the blockchain.

And we will contribute to the further spread of blockchain and its practical use in society.

▼Blockchain Collaborative Consortium official site


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