We won the “Startup Category Award” at the “Tomorrow’s HR Evaluation Awards 2020”.

We won the “Startup Category Award” at the “Tomorrow’s HR Evaluation Award 2020” held today by Tomorrow’s Team, Inc.

We were one of the top 9 out of 3000 companies that entered.

We are very honored to receive this award!

Tomorrow’s Team, Inc. is a company that supports corporate team building to “create excitement for workers” through its HR evaluation system construction and support services.
We provide “Tomorrow’s Cloud”, a HR evaluation system.
This system has been installed in more than 3,000 companies, and we have the largest share of the HR system market.

We introduced the “Tomorrow’s Cloud” system in September last year.
With the introduction of this system, the tasks and goals of each employee became clearer than before the introduction.
Over the course of a year, our work efficiency and results increased, leading to improved business performance.
This achievement was highly evaluated and led to the award this time.

By clarifying issues and goals, correct evaluations can be made.
This will also lead to higher employee engagement, which will lead to the advancement of our DiGiTRAD service.

We will continue to operate “Tomorrow’s Cloud” and all of us will make further efforts for DiGiTRAD service.

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