Making trade even freer and easier

STANDAGE is actively pursuing various businesses aimed at pushing the trade industry to the next level, in addition to developing a new trade settlement system utilizing blockchain, with the goal of realizing a world where "all countries have equal access to everything."

To Innovate Global Trade

<Core Business> Development of the New Trade Payment System "DiGiTRAD Payment"

We are developing a new trade payment system that leverages blockchain and stablecoins to enable the simultaneous exchange of "goods" and "payments" safely, quickly, and cost-effectively, without depending on regions or countries.

The trade mechanisms have remained largely unchanged for over a century, particularly in trade with emerging countries where secure payment methods via financial institutions are often unavailable. Challenges such as prepayment and post-payment risks, currency issues, and high fees contribute to various "trade inequalities" that persist in global trade.

The new trade payment system developed by STANDAGE uses stablecoins with a value equivalent to legal tender for payment and NFT-based electronic bills of lading (eBL) for ownership of goods. These are stored in digital vaults on the blockchain. With mutual consent from buyers and sellers, it enables the simultaneous exchange of "payments" and "ownership of goods." We are actively advancing the system's validation in collaboration with major trading companies and large manufacturing enterprises, considering the timing of legal framework development towards practical implementation.

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To Gather Existing Players in the Trade Industry

Development of Trade DX Platform "DiGiTRAD"

    One of the reasons why digital transformation (DX) in the trade industry and system integration between different companies is progressing slowly is the multitude of players involved in the industry. The emergence of the new trade payment system is essential to drive innovation in the trade industry. To achieve this, the first step is to bring all players together onto a single platform and establish a foundation that allows the entire industry to move to the next stage.

    In preparation for the upcoming trade settlement revolution, STANDAGE is developing and providing the Trade DX Platform "DiGiTRAD" to streamline the inefficient and often analog trade practices, ultimately improving operational efficiency in the trade industry.

  • International logistics - "DiGiTRAD Forwarding"
  • Instantly obtain approximate estimates of international logistics costs and complete the entire ordering process within a single system. We launched the beta version in March 2023 and officially began providing the full version in October 2023.

    Previously, it took several days to a week to obtain approximate international logistics cost estimates from ten major logistics companies. By using this system, you can now obtain these estimates in just a few seconds.

    Our users primarily consist of trading companies and major manufacturers, and we aim to acquire 10,000 users by the end of 2024.

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  • Negotiation & Ordering - "Trade Cloud"
  • This is a system that enables centralized management of ordering and receiving tasks in trade on the cloud.

    It includes automatic ordering capabilities as well as AI-powered automated negotiation features.

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  • Expanding overseas sales channels - "Trade concierge"
  • We have started offering a platform from September 2023 that matches individuals with trade expertise, such as those with experience in trading companies, as part-time talents, "trade concierges," with companies looking to expand their sales channels.

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To Increase New Players in the Trading Industry

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Export Support Business

Due to the rapid depreciation of the yen in the second half of 2022 and government efforts to expand exports, Japan's overall export volume has been gradually increasing. However, when examining the export volume of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in urban and rural areas, the disparity remains significantly wide.

To enable small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses throughout Japan to more freely and easily expand into international markets, we provide a comprehensive package service covering everything from market expansion to contracts, negotiations, payments, and logistics, all managed through "Marunage (outsourcing)."

As of August 2023, the number of companies that have adopted our service has reached a total of 100.

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Japanese Culture Export Support Business

We provide a trade agency package service specialized in local specialty products for businesses that deal with specialty products, which are considered to have high export hurdles due to reasons such as low production volume and limited trading companies available for consolidation.

While following the existing export agency service for small and medium-sized enterprises, we have limited the service to businesses that meet the criteria set by us as "local specialty products," such as Japanese sake and agricultural products, allowing us to offer proposals with lower initial costs.

Additionally, for the export of quality-sensitive alcoholic beverages and food products, we have established a temperature-controlled air transport network for door-to-door delivery, which is utilized primarily for exports to Europe and the United States, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

To Sow the Seeds for Future Target Markets

Export Business to Africa

Remittance Verification Business in Africa

We are engaged in our own trading business with a focus on emerging countries, particularly in Africa, which are the main target regions for trade payment innovation. Our product range includes used cars, medical equipment, agricultural supplies, used electronic devices, and more.

Additionally, we are conducting proof-of-concept experiments for sending and receiving payments in Africa using our in-house developed payment system.

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