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Global trade is the cornerstone of a healthly world economy. STANDAGE is a company committed to creating competitive and efficient trading infrastructure products. When conducting international business, trust is a critical element in supporting current trends of converting digital and physical assets. The balance of legacy systems and cutting-edge solutions is equally as important to provide services such as warehouse storage solutions, overseas remittance, trade document preparation, and more. Our DiGiTRAD solutions aim to take every detail into account, to create a smooth and profitable product flow for your business.
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Trade is a combination of these three elements Marketing→ Negotiation→ Contracts→ Remittance→ Logistics. In addition to navigating these issues, English communication can be an addition challenge. The DiGiTRAD Marketplace is a one stop solution to fully support your new entry into the trading business. Start a conversation with our concierge to answer your questions and get started.

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Arranging logistics for global trade can be an exhausting and lengthy process. Our DiGiTRAD Forwaring solution works with world class providers to create an instant estimate for shipping and documentation costs.
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through advanced technology
LogiLabo is a collective of logistic companies, including STANDAGE, who have work together on real-life projects to test experiemental products.
Projects focus on DX, smart logistics, and IoT.